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Palm Beach County Logo

Palm Beach County Logo

         CLICK HERE FOR  WEATHER IN PALM BEACH                                                                                                          I have lived in Palm Beach County since about 1966 I have seen a lot of changes since then. I love Palm Beach county so I thought I would start a blog about Palm Beach county. It has everything that will be in Paradise outstanding churches great weather, great places to visit good restaurants, south Florida fair, auto auctions, and car shows, great art, the best beaches, sports, festivals, entertainment, Famous people,not so infamous people, many more things. I would like to share some of those things and places.. Post Lots of Photos. When I travel to different locations across the country I go on the Internet looking for the things to do, festivals, place to visit, history of area, good places to eat, and anything that would enhance our visit. I am hoping that I can highlight Palm Beach County. I also would like to be catalyst for some positives change and I would like publish some history of Palm Beach County. My profile I am a christian, my savior is Jesus Christ. I am married I have 3 boys 2 daughter in laws and 4 grandchildren 3 girls and 1 boy. 3 dogs 2 grand dogs. My interests and hobbies are Reading and studying the Bible creation science books bookstores,library, Ham Radio, running, Photography and flickr.

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