Snow! The only flakes on record in West Palm Beach fell 35 years ago today photo

Snowflakes fell in the Treasure Coast and as far south as Homestead. It was a brief flurry that left just enough of the white stuff for school children to scoop up a snow-ball’s worth off car hoods. The remnants melted by 9:30 a.m., according to news

snow1977                                                                                                    You have heard the expression when hell freezes over. This is when Paradise Freezes over. Believe it or not it  did snow in Palm Beach County. The day That Jimmy carter was inaugurated. maybe a bad omen of what his presidency was going to be like. it snowed in palm beach county. That day I got up to go to work I went out the door it was snowing!!!! I couldn’t believe it. Like a kid I went back in the house shook my wife I exclaimed to my sleeping wife its snowing!!!!l