The lessor of two evils… Clinton or Trump?

Pete You count me in to vote. Good thoughts! Have a nice weekend

Pete's Alaska

When you are eighteen, broke and homeless New York city in 1964 was not a place you wanted to be but there I was. I had run away from home a month earlier and was now running out of money and facing life on the streets of matrix-red-blue-pillan uncaring city. I was standing at its very heart, times square, feeling sorry for myself because I didn’t know what to do when I noticed a building at the very center of the square… an armed forces recruiting station. I stood there for what seemed like hours trying to decide whether I should return home or go over and open the door of a new life, but nether choice looked good.

Shortly the people of this nation will face the decision on who will be our next President, and once again just like when I was in New York you too will…

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